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FreeBSD 9.1 terá RC3

Postado por gondim | Categoria FreeBSD, Software Livre | Dia 10-10-2012



Recebi por e-mail informações que não será ainda lançado o FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE. Teremos ainda pela frente um RC3 pelo menos. Abaixo as informações na íntegra:

The second release candidate of the 9.1-RELEASE release cycle is now
available on the FTP servers for amd64, i386, ia64, powerpc, and
powerpc64.  The MD5/SHA256 checksums are at the bottom of this message.
The ISO images and, for architectures that support it, the memory stick
images are available here:

(or any of the FreeBSD mirror sites).

A third RC build has been decided on, currently scheduled for a week
from now.  The release builds themselves will begin about a week after
RC3.  The current target schedule has been updated:

If you notice any problems you can report them through the normal Gnats
PR system or here on the -stable mailing list.

There was enough "community push-back" from the decision to not export
the 9.1 release branch activity to CVS that the decision has been
reversed.  A firm decision has been made that 10.X release activity will
not be exported to CVS.  It hasn't been decided yet if the upcoming 8.X
and/or 9.X (past 9.1) release activity will be exported.  More
information about that will get posted as decisions get made.

If you want to do a source-based update to an existing system using SVN
the branch to use is releng/9.1.  If you would like to use CVS instead
use RELENG_9_1.

The freebsd-update(8) utility supports binary upgrades of i386 and amd64 
systems running earlier FreeBSD releases.  Systems running 9.0-RELEASE,
9.1-BETA1, or 9.1-RC1 can upgrade as follows:

# freebsd-update upgrade -r 9.1-RC2

During this process, FreeBSD Update may ask the user to help by merging 
some configuration files or by confirming that the automatically performed
merging was done correctly.

# freebsd-update install

The system must be rebooted with the newly installed kernel before 

# shutdown -r now

After rebooting, freebsd-update needs to be run again to install the new 
userland components, and the system needs to be rebooted again:

# freebsd-update install
# shutdown -r now

Users of earlier FreeBSD releases (FreeBSD 7.X, 8.X) can also use
freebsd-update to upgrade to FreeBSD 9.1-RC2, but will be prompted to
rebuild all third-party applications (e.g., anything installed from the
ports tree) after the second invocation of "freebsd-update install", in
order to handle differences in the system libraries between FreeBSD 7.X
or FreeBSD 8.X and FreeBSD 9.X.



MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-amd64-bootonly.iso) = bacba310a6387a8d64df8178aa9d1de0

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-amd64-memstick.img) = 1e539c978e49d4115fa48851e148e156

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-amd64-disc1.iso) = e4c61498e58fec93744b248f17573bc6


MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-i386-bootonly.iso) = 9d839532595355511b62359f02be68ad

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-i386-memstick.img) = f44f9c00fec04c7544a401b62e653249

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-i386-disc1.iso) = ad17598b8a1f9e048bf496ce34b6d8be


MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-ia64-bootonly.iso) = 8a70c60bea27fb81ae66e518283eec8d

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-ia64-memstick) = 0be81103f6aa4d8becba2f341370e5a2

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-ia64-release.iso) = 2546fc2d11c7b3d5031ed285146dc815


MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc-bootonly.iso) = 5678929dd41181e52cd5da1389be05d1

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc-memstick) = bc681cda1d4e49e0288f27bd616130b7

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc-release.iso) = eb5ac93ad8befc567e03e8ce58051cdd


MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc64-bootonly.iso) = a035c65d8268e5d8b32f8d84ca266588

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc64-memstick) = b6dcfb14de1b835e582253eb179a7072

MD5 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc64-release.iso) = 9bd3bddaaab25948fea3c3957f889414


SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 8cb69eedc8d2bd493b4acb6df2092865047ce4475f4142ba227b8cb4ab3754ad

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-amd64-memstick.img) = 4d552c2f2641ddfebe158427460785d3e0b184e603ef01f433579004d26dd54c

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-amd64-disc1.iso) = 6b874d20c909a4a53d8eaa8aa3c1316a957a27406265ca83e9399daa42271177


SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-i386-bootonly.iso) = f0df7bc32ffb973f7f269c3097fd223de7f6832ee7d77aadae91e3b42de61a10

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-i386-memstick.img) = d8e2a686d69c4c3cbaff8bb4e8324f9c66ad3b563bf48e163e8f91be75ebb3b4

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-i386-disc1.iso) = 165e342d89f57bdd06f24b4f8bdc0b45b1eec4e5bbde52b6fd5dbabeae290cf6


SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-ia64-bootonly.iso) = c9e730b1bdc7bd9b2a51ac860456bb98c6a06cba58e3a604fcb30e2dc991731d

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-ia64-memstick) = df5622b66575a3bd4bf2d878569dc2b0d1b8bf5cab1596c3632f19da048aa774

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-ia64-release.iso) = 11a48342921fbff0abb7bab0cd9b32838036dda09c0383c6fea34d679768dd49


SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc-bootonly.iso) = b3462a7fc55adcf7e00bb3ef0d8f4a2a6c2e9b44329d4a6c823a1cf1394521ae

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc-memstick) = 6a42285f71c8359aac931c28958ade49c0677bf6a350f285646a86c02584a266

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc-release.iso) = 3ebb722b9a17e8facf5378cb6026670da583b2b42ba08be6d0d74e3ad658096d


SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc64-bootonly.iso) = 6fe6c7abf12bf6eafbefb4db03d2dcccd6af6bbd12311da1cf4fd821d4965219

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc64-memstick) = 3218173781294b089a10ec65386ac140a78c7a9908e0912fe88ffc2df3317a66

SHA256 (FreeBSD-9.1-RC2-powerpc64-release.iso) = 03659f3493a79519ad31d8e19c4ac50755e58c573f9596244284b2d7ff70cc42


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